Every Road Trip starts with a question:

'What music would be perfect accompaniment for this journey?'

On 'Road Trip' I've drawn upon my world travels to create the perfect soundscape to these timeless destinations.


Chill with me on this imaginary journey. Join me on my mind blowing walk among funeral pyres on the Ganges (A Thousand Constellations). Put your sunglasses on for the sparkling beaches of France and Spain (To These Sand Dunes). Evoke the intimate space between two lovers (Secret Place and Burn), and dive into the pounding New Zealand surf (I Look Into your eyes).  Finally, travel into the stars with me (You and I, and After Glow).


The album becomes the perfect accompaniment to the moments in your life where you just need to relax and let the beat wash over you. Fall into that automatic dreamy state you get when driving, and join me for my personal road trip through the magnificent whenua of Aoteraoa.’


‘All beautiful things in my life are enhanced by great friendships, and it is the talents of these people that have brought this collection of music to another level including the ebow guitar of Arli Liberman, vocals by Caitlin Smith, Clo Chaperone and Anton Morgan, and the sax of David Edmundson. ‘


Original artwork and musical concept by James Allan, with additional design by Flynn Allan. The music is co-produced by Taimi Allan and features the poetry of best-selling author Rosetta Allan and a classic car connection, revealed on the cover.​

Cover designs by James Allan and Flynn Allan featuring Lady P–a 1959 Sunbeam Alpine

Music by Stewart Allan

Produced and Mixed by Stewart Allan

Co-produced by Taimi Allan

Mastering by Chris Chetland at Kog


Stewart Allan-vocals, sitar, keyboard, guitar

Arli Liberman-guitar

Caitlin Smith-vocals

Anton Morgan-guitar

Taimi Allan-vocals

Clo Chaperone-vocals

David Edmundson-saxophone


Click any image to listen!

Road Trip Singles

March 18-To These Sand Dunes


“You are the salt on the rim of my Margarita!'

Take an intimate road trip with me to the beaches of Spain with my new track To These Sand Dunes. 

Perfect for a late afternoon wine or a post midnight wind down. Enjoy!

April 1-A Thousand Constellations


There are always moments in life that illuminate and enlighten us, and my time in the holy city of Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganges, was one of those times, and where I bought the sitar played on this track.

April 15-Secret Place

3. Secret Place.png

Dim the lights and hit play on my new chill track 'Secret Place’ released today.

This song is a sensual journey about the peace, comfort and love that physical and psychological congruence can bring in a relationship. Click now to listen!

April 29-Burn

4. Burn.png

This track echoes a long, winding road trip through a beautiful environment with a lover. Perfect for Lo-Fi Beats, Ibiza, Downtempo or Sexy Chill-Out.

When we burn for each other, that becomes the soundtrack of our lives. Featuring the vocals of Caitlin Smith. Click image to listen now

May 13-You and I

5. You And I.png

Inspired by listening to music while surrounded by nature and observing stars in a clear night sky, ‘You and I’ will take you on a magical journey. So tune in, move your feet, sway your hips and feel the groove.

Featuring vocals of Caitlin Smith, Clo Chaperone and Anton Morgan. Click image to listen now

6. I Look Into Your Eyes.png

May 27-I Look Into Your Eyes

We are living in very challenging times – the pandemic, war, pressure in the workplace, maybe stress at home–and we’re all trying to make sense of the chaos. Even though we are fortunate here in Aotearoa New Zealand to not be in the middle of a war with a crazy neighbour, we can still feel the affects of FUD missiles – fear, uncertainty and doubt.  


My new song 'I Look into your Eyes’ emphasises the importance of moving forward with purpose and love – focusing beyond our fears and into the infinite, the beautiful. This road trip soundtrack was written beside the roaring surf at Piha beach. 

Each morning I would walk down the black, sparkling sand dunes to the water, and stare down my own trepidation in the pounding surf. 

In the evening I felt the warm embrace of a magnificent molten-gold setting sun, and the calm, pulsating energy. Click the image to listen now.

June 10-After Glow

7. After Glow (1).png

Turn the lights way down low and the volume up for my last chill track ‘After Glow’.


This last song of the 'Road Trip' EP features good friend and sax player David Edmundson paired with the sublime vocals of Caitlin Smith.


This lush and mellow finish to the album is a nod to my love for Miles Davis and Pink Floyd, but updates the sound with a warm and groovy bottom end beat.