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New Video-A Thousand Constellations


As featured in Auckland Fringe winning play Skin Hunger

8. Road Trip album cover.jpg

"Road Trip" is a sensuous collection of reimagined and recomposed chill tracks using cutting room floor gold dust from the 9 Rooms album.


Stewart has created a lush sonic journey perfect for late night seduction, Sunday morning lie ins or winding road journeys.

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After ten years in the making, Stewart Allan believes 9 Rooms is the first release to truly capture his unique sound. With a decade of focus, this album is enriched with a textured layering of melodies within wide-screen atmospheric currents of sonic flow. Each song is a journey beyond the ordinary into an ambient and immersive musical universe.

"There is a theme throughout this album with songs very close in proximity to the other - it's as welcoming as slipping into a comfortable pair of your old favourite sneakers and lying in the late afternoon's warm sunshine for a while." 

DYLAN KEATING-Moretone Music Ltd

“Music you can plug into on a double-decker bus and enter the trance of contemplation while the world passes by the window."


"9 Rooms is his concept album, but think in terms of Jeremy RedmoreThomas Oliver and Graeme James. Thinking persons’ musicians. Existential poets. Orchestrators. Conductors. And glorious falsettos. Jon Anderson vocals. Spatial guitar in this instance from Arli Liberman and mysticism from Stewart himself on sitar."


"He's back it seems and this album of sophisticated and thoughtful songs – couched in lovely atmospherics and arrangements by producer Ari Liberman and Allan – has subtle elements from world music which means it will doubtless appeal to Sting/Peter Gabriel listeners."


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